“Georgui Kornazov is one of today’s most gifted and exciting trombone players.” FRANPI BARRIAUX, SUN SHIP  

"Kornazov is a perfect backup musician as well as a first-class soloist. By dint of hard work, he has achieved stunning virtuosity on a reputedly difficult instrument, as well as a unique, vibrant and flexible sound…An inimitable texture that evokes the warmth of the human voice. Gueorgui succeeds in fully expressing his jazz musician’s identity while remaining faithful to his origins, which can always be heard in the background…beautiful evidence of the cosmopolitan spirit that inspires this fantastic musician.” PASCAL ROZAT, JAZZMAN

"My favorite trombonist lately: I often admire Georgi Kornazov. Georgi is so unique that I don't even know how to categorize him. He is one of the most unique trombonists I have ever heard for sure. And he has so much raw unadulterated energy. It's inspiring to watch! In some ways it reminds me of Ray Anderson, but the language he uses is completely different - more chromatic. I think there is a certain element of improvisation in the folk music of his native Bulgaria, but that's all. which I can really say. Listen for yourself! "


“Gueorgui Kornazov is an accomplished musician, he is accurate and meticulous, without ever being affected. He chooses magic over charm, and it works.”

“Kornazov is one of those jazz musicians who has both a strong sense of direction, and a unique sound.” FRANPI BARRIAUX, SUN SHIP

“Georgi Kornazov is a mixed world between Bulgaria and Western jazz, a skilful combination of irresistible melodies and contemporary means of expression.” YVES DORISSON, CULTUREJAZZ

“Kornazov’s music covers the whole range of possible atmospheres, from pensive beauty to stormy savagery.” CONCERTO N°6/2008

“Stirring music, fusion of all European cultures, starting of course with the Eastern one, in the caukdron of jazz which remains a reference. Viara is an attractive achievement, one of these recordings that will stay in our hearts.”
NICOLAS BENIES, ROUGE- Hebdomadaire de la LCR

"This record is so good that one is tempted to say nothing ... a greatness of soul traverses this music, which distinguishes what is no doubt a narrowly mingled with emotion as" YVES DORISSON, CULTUREJAZZ


"Concert recorded live at the Jazz Forum Budapest Festival in September 2011 and punctuated by a spirited round of applause. The music, only original compositions by Georgi Kornazov: alternating between festive and colorful rhythms and beautifull planing melodies. Throughout the album, we delight the big bold sound of Georgi Kornazov, with a perfect mastery of the multifonics technique... One of the best bans on the european jazz scene...This is indeed one of the most exciting albums of the recent months "

"A perfect album! Languorous and soothing music reaches our senses, beautiful melodic lines outbreak sometimes explode into consciousness. Lyricism, Balkan music elements, sweet melodies and charming, and at the same time indomitable energy ... Unique and one-of-a-kind magic of jazz."

"Kornazov demonstrates his impressive technique and a wide range of expressive ideas ... always challenging and exciting music."
SCOTT YANOW, Los Angeles Jazz Scene

"A modern album full of life, emotions and strong contrasts!"

"The album hits with the unwavering unity of the band and the fluidity with which the musicians appropriate the melodys, starting with Kornazov himself, whose impeccable technique serve the collective without turning to demonstration ... the most successful testimony of this beautiful orchestra."


«The imaginative duo  gives a free flowing form to their subtle suggestions of melody and harmony. Power and rhythmic precision (Montana), exquisite  breath and  harmonies (Kornazov)...The sound amplitude of the trombonist is incomparable.»    

"Gueorgui Kornazov roared his trombone. Growls, purrs complaints and huge, sudden unusual harmonic sound crossings explosions when her voice adds a counterpoint in the mouth of the trombone. The parts are linked to each other, rarely leaving time fascinated the public time to applaud or simply to think of it. A directory that evokes a moment Dollar Brand, reference that blends into a coherent whole, encompassing many other of the popular area of ​​Balkan blues to leave without really identifying a while lyrical, poignant, grand, heroic than Kornazov lives a kind of inner anger tempers hardly reply, often delicate, Leonardo Montana. It is polymorphic, playing the agreement, the arpeggio accompaniment, a brief unison and counterpoint, stimulating, commenting, contrasting. It is rich, while remaining behind the huge beast that devours pipe trombone everything in its path, in a one-way interaction that excludes those moments of mutual tenderness and magic of the note and the Crusaders silence allows the duo. I immediately adheres to collective fascination but, over the pieces, I face shines as someone whose love, anger, indignation or enthusiasm overwhelm you until asphyxiation. "
FRANCK BERGEROT, redacteur en chef de JAZZMAGAZINE, juillet 2015

"It was nice looking, searching, questioning his memory, wandering the shelves packed with surprises of public media libraries and question the old sages, trombone / piano duets are few. For the rest, the scarcity is required. The entire album shows the originality of the task that assigned Georgy Kornazov and Leonardo Montana. The duo demonstrated exotic: it is probably not a common Bulgarian played in complicity with a Brazilian... Each piece carries a Bulgarian name that determines the color: "Utrin" (morning), hot and brassy, ​​full of hope, "Ochakvane" (Waiting) is more meditative. Montana will fetch in the depths of his strings pulse needed to support the great melodic sense Kornazov, agile and full of rhythmic sense douceur.Le pianist allows his sidekick multiply mouthpiece and mute effects that alter the timbre better give it depth, like the stunning "Poriv" (Rafal): trombone seems to filter through a deluge of shelled agreements. On "Strast" (passion), the roles are balanced, sometimes exchange when it launches an impetuous growl. The theme, bright simplicity, maliciously circulated between the two soloists, which we share the obvious glee. After this beautiful album, the question is acute. " FRANPI BARRIAUX, CITIZEN JAZZ , janvier 2015

, novembre 2013

"In this recording that increases the gloss of this lively music, Georgi Kornazov demonstrates that it is not necessary to abandon its identity as jazz music to find another technical ease monde.Son n is never demonstrative but always at the service of an intense emotion perfectly served by leading musicians who are totally immersed in his musical.Delectable universe! "  PHILIPPE VINCENT, JAZZMAGAZINE

"The style of the Bulgarian trombonist, both lyrical and caressing, but also deep and full breakdown wowed the audience as his cronies musicians"  

"Kornazov music resurrects the first layers of a dual world reinvested by a particular energy Avoiding the scruffy, it remains up to the ambitions of the composer -.. The trombone sextet invents unprecedented nostalgia Sometimes it takes behind the muffled chant. free jazz accents more réussis.Vitesse slow and offer a sound spectacle of jazz grammar suspended. at the overall sobriety meets exceptional instrumental richness where both condensation and enrichment Kornazov rejects the "pat ear "- the equivalent sound flashy"

"Music as a continuous clear and tranquil stream that winds between peaceful landscapes and ouverts.Cette a unifying aesthetic bearing formation will the confines of traditional folk and popular music until about original and inventive shapes always accessible. A subtle alloy folklore, hymns and haunting melodies always open to free forms "  

"Pachyderm and delicate, the trombone is not an instrument to put all hands. We need a sense of inner wind, voice to master the strength and subtlety. Georgi Kornazov of those who manage to enter all the nuances of this imposing pavilion. If we had to put a label on the music of Georgi Kornazov we stick an editor "Western jazz and blending of traditional Bulgarian hussy," but it's much more than that, as the subtle compositions Kornazov will not be confined to a genre. this contemporary writing borrows from classic sonerudition and jazz his revolt. These parts must be carried by musicians who know how to channel or enter the sound of this abundant slides. Manu Codjia guitarist actually certainly some, like the saxophone exhilarating Emile Parisien."    LES MURS DU SON   

PRESSE  «VIARA», BMC RECORDS 2008 ★★★ JAZZMAN,  fff  Télérama 

“A new album by the famous Bulgarian trombone player Gueorgui Kornazov … He handles here the sense of composition and flamboyant orchestration with … dynamics! Starting from very beautiful and rather simple melodies, Kornazov delineates a musical area and develops something different which ranges from the register of naked and sensitive emotion to the bright weaving of brass instruments which echo each other or unite in underlying very crude groove.” 

“The music in Viara is that type of jazz music intelligently arranged, the kind of music you want to hear and which you listen to again with pleasure. The melodies, which are composed in counterpoint style alternating with unison parts, stay in the memory of listeners. Kornazov’s music covers the whole range of possible atmospheres, from dreamy beauty to wild tempest.”    CONCERTO  N°6 

Georgui Kornazov invents his own style in that beautiful lineage thanks to an elegant way of composing and arranging. In this album, he has carefully matched the textures of the trombone, soprano sax and guitar in a well balanced way.“

“Stirring music, fusion of all European cultures, starting of course with the Eastern one, in the caukdron of jazz which remains a reference. Viara is an attractive achievement, one of these recordings that will stay in our hearts.” NICOLAS BENIESROUGE- Hebdomadaire de la LCR 

“His new CD entitled Viara is the most personal opus of the jazz musician. Throughout it is displayed not only soundness of tone and colour but also of profoundness. Avoiding too much brilliance, the musician through his compositions and orchestrations, mostly creates flexible figures. One might criticize the set for a lack of fluidity but this unevenness is due to the diverse states of mind that initiated the nine pieces that make up this set. Nevertheless, through rippling waves of strange sonorous light, spring up pungent effects by an artist who knows how to weave his jazz and organize it in a modest as well as impertinent way. This CD belongs to an intimist, nostalgic and loving genre. The brass instruments never interfere with the Slavonic and Balkan exhalations, on the contrary: everything comes up in light yet never sloppy strokes, which proves – if necessary – that Gueorgui Kornazov is an accomplished, precise and meticulous musician , yet never precious. To charm he prefers magic, and it works.”     JEAN-PAUL GAVARD,  LES IMMORTELS

"This record-there he is so good that one is tempted to say nothing. And then we remember that there is fun to share. Georgi Kornazov is a mixed universe between Bulgaria and Western jazz, a mix of irresistible melodies sieved of contemporaneity Supported by inspired musicians, trombonist gives free rein to a lyrical expression, nostalgic, warm intimate. A greatness of soul traverses this music, which distinguishes what is no doubt an emotion mingled narrowly as " YVES DORISON  

“With this recording, Georgi Kornazov offers a kind of jazz music which is both modern and very personal.What is inherited from Central Europe really shows for the greatest of our pleasure; which is a very swaying and emotional component.Georgi Kornazov affirms a serene atmosphere , which is never devoid of tension, just as a wave will always break. Alternating very relaxed musical atmosphere bordering nostalgia with long relentless rhythmical passages, he continuously attracts the listeners. It really is a delectable album. Something you must hail and an artist to be discovered urgently!”


"Ah, nostalgia, when you hold us! Georgi Kornazov knows about it and does not lie when he speaks of uprooting and homesickness. A mixture of bulgarian folklore, a modern jazz, a hybrid tradition recomposed a thousand times, Georgi knows how to extract the necessary elements. Kornazov composes with his memory (Spomen = Memories), with the songs and melodies of his childhood, and finds the right words. Never watery, or exceeding the laconic stage of evocation, less "stiff", less "concerned" as in the previous CD « STARO VREME », the imprint of fleeing Bulgaria is still more insistent, both in the writing and in the instrumental colors - marked by the presence of Krassen Lutzkanov on Kaval."


"Georgi Kornazov is now firmly anchored in the french music scene. His compositions and arrangements are like bridges between Bulgarian folk music and European jazz. Sometimes very nimble, sometimes very romantic and moving, always played with an intense emotion. The music played by this Quintet is really just amazing."
"Kornazov composes with his memories of songs and melodies from his childhood and finds the right words."  


"Jazz never ceases to display the seeming contradictions between uprootedness and deep roots. And this dualism is highlighted in the title " Occidental Orient ", one of Kornazov's compositions so reminiscent of his native Bulgaria. Jazz has now become his language, and shows lots of diverse influences that enrich it without limiting it."   VINCENT BESSIERES, JAZZMAN, 2001 

"Georgi Kornazov shows a wide capacity of expression on the trombone (...) In spite of their youth, his musicians are nonetheless amongst the most talented an sought after jazz musicans in France... A splendid soul."    JAZZ CLUB d’AUXERRE 

"A beautiful wild energy, dreams of wide areas and imaginary travels emanate from this range of sounds"  PANNONICA, NANTES 

"A fluid, sophisticated, powerfully lyrical quintet, always ready to upset compositionnal limits and to give free rein to individual inspiration, they combine with a great sense of alchemy, a strong taste for melody and a high inclination for improvisation."